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uh sorry to burst your bubble but HP laptops and mac minis don't count has having a top notch computer even if you just bought it 3 months ago. HP is known for its terrible quality. and mac-mini were never meant to perform to the highest level an actual desktop/laptop should. mac mini are for people who just couldn't afford a real mac. or for soccer moms who just want to do simple online shopping.


If you’re gonna troll someone, have the balls to do it without the Anonymous mask.

And I never said I had top-notch computers. I said I had new computers.

And I’d be a mega hot soccer mom.



This is my new Zbrush project : a Charchamp based on Kendall Hale (you can see his work here :

I still have a lot of work to do but it’s a good start. I hope I could do a great render because the original artwork is really cool ! I still don’t know if the muscles are good. Maybe I will modify them a little.

Awesome 3D rendition of one of my drawings!